Thursday, April 2, 2009


The verses were performed. Shapes were palpable, and the actions real.

Sitting through an hour-and-a-half of poetry, young audiences filled the theatre of the 11-run show Tula Tugma sa Sayaw at Dula wide-eyed at the spectacle impressing the theatre makers that the poems were indeed appreciated.

Tula re-formed and performed the poems of poets who were nurtured in the South: Anthony Tan, Christine Godinez-Ortega, Ralph Semino Galan, Don Pagusara, German Gervacio, and Marge Pernia-Evasco. The audience later dialogued with the poets. Joining this already-eminent roster of poet-conversants were Victor Sugbu and young writer Zola Gonzalez.

Collaborating with the poets were choreographer-performers Leilani Fernandez, Amado Guinto, Melvin Pascubillo, and Kenn Erwin Velasquez, and designer Vicmar Paloma. Providing performance and production support to the IPAG were the Stagecraft classes. Steven P.C. Fernandez composed the music, scripted the scenarios, and evolved the production from his concept.

Tula performed March 2-7 (3 shows a day) at the MSU-IIT Mini Theater. Its production was supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. IPAG prepares its touring schedules to schools in the coming season.

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