Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guide Questions for Ballet Philippines Encantada


Work in pairs (preferably a boy and girl)so that both sides of the gender divide will be represented.

Your reaction must be computer-printed on short bond paper using 12-point font (Times New Roman) with 1 and 1/2 spacing for better readability.

The more profound and well thought out your answers to the questions, the better the score.

Answer each of the following in two to three paragraphs.

1. In what sense does the oppression of women (including sexual oppression, i.e. rape)related to the destruction of the environment? Use a feminist ecocritical framework.

2. How are men (priests and soldiers)and women (the diwata, the babaylan and the other kababaihan) portrayed in Ballet Philippines' Neo-Filipino modern ballet Encantada? Reread the essays of Susan Sontag ("Dancer and the Dance"), Myra Beltran ("The Dance Artist as Babaylan" and Grace Nono Aves ("An Artist Reflection on the Babaylan")to acquire a more informed perspective.

3. Can you classify the performance as Apollonian or Dionysian, or a combination of both? Defend your answer. Read Camille Paglia's thorough discussion of the two concept in her essay "Pagan Beauty" which is included in the Siningcuent(r)o reader.

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