Friday, October 30, 2009

National Book Development Board November 2009 Activities

This November is all about our talented Pinoy writers, and the publishers of these talented Pinoy writers! Join the NBDB in a month-long celebration of Philippine Book Development Month. If you haven't picked up a Pinoy book recently it's about time you know that ang GALING PINOY, ay dapat BASAHIN!

I. The Writers, Their Works

How to Read… the next generation
A series of readings and intimate talks with young writers in the context of their literary genres and specific works

Venue: Filipinas Heritage Library

1. For poetry (November 10, 9am)
Featuring: Conchitina Cruz, Mikael Co, Mesandel Arguelles, and Joel Toledo
Moderator: Gémino Abad

2. For fiction (November 11, 1pm)
Featuring: Tara FT Sering, Edgar Samar, Dean Alfar, Angelo Lacuesta
Moderator: Jose Dalisay

3. For non-fiction (November 12, 9am)
Featuring: Luis Katigbak, Vlad Gonzales, Rica Bolipata Santos, Louie Cano, Carljoe Javier
Moderator: Antonio Hidalgo

II. Reading Nick Joaquin (November 16, 2009)
A discussion of Nick Joaquin as historian, novelist, poet and his contributions to the literary art form and the Filipino way of life.

1. NJ and his non-fiction
A lecture by fictionist Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

2. NJ and his poetry
A lecture by poet Afred Yuson

3. Transforming NJ’s works into film
(Lecturer to be announced)

4. A film viewing of NJ’s work turned into a movie
Tentaive Venue: Greenbelt 3's My Cinema

III. Global Pinoy Literature (November 24, 5pm)
Coffee and conversation with three Man Asian Literary Prize winner / finalists Miguel Syjuco, Jose Dalisay, and Alfred Yuson and Gémino Abad, recipient of the Prize Premio Feronia – Citta di Fiano 2009.

Venue: Filipinas Heritage Library, by invitation only
Moderator: Isagani Cruz

IV. El Filibusterismo (November 25, 2009)
A sequel to the reading of Noli Me Tangere, the El Filibusterismo performance reading will be a showcase of talent from different fields of the art as artists and celebrity performers read / perform chapters of this historic and tumultous novel.

Venue: Greenbelt Park

V. Pinoy Story Writing Contest
A month-long story writing contest open to all writers, focusing on specific topics such as Pinoy romance, chick lit, horror fiction, literary fiction. Four winners will be selected and will be awarded P15,000 to be announced during the Books and Art Festival at the Greenbelt Park. Winners also have a chance of being published by Precious Pages, Summit Books, Anvil and PsiCom.

VI. Books and Art Festival (November 23 to 26)
A festival that will showcase the best of Filipino literature and art in one venue. For five days, Greenbelt becomes a haven for artists (literary and visual) and art lovers where they will get to experience this unique mixture of the arts at the heart of the city.

VII. Writing about Philippine Culture, Art, and Food (November 7 to 8 2009)
An overnight adventure for those who want to sample the native culture of Southern Luzon. This will involve a tour to local art galleries, native restaurants, and Ugu Bigyan’s pottery shop.

VIII. Davao Academic Publishing Seminar (November 19 to 21, 2009)
An academic publishing conference for Mindanao-based publishers and universities, with Google’s Erik Hartmann, De La Salle’s Dr. Isagani Cruz, UP Press’ Dr. Luisa Camagay, and ADMU Press’ Maricor Baytion among others.

Venue: Ateneo De Davao University

IX. Tulaan sa Tren 2 launch
The much-loved Tulaan sa Tren is back with more poems and the winners of the Tulaan sa Tren 2 Poetry Contest, judged by no less than the country's top poets National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera, Feronia Prize winner Gemino Abad, and Man Asian Literary Prize finalist Krip Yuson.

Venue: The LRT2 Cubao Station, by invitation

For details, visit!

NOTE TO MY STUDENTS AND FRIENDS: I am one of the featured poets of the Tulaan sa Tren 2. Please attend the launch on November 26, 2009 at 2PM... Hope to see you there!