Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Beside you, my perception
of space transforms:
it contracts like a womb,
the whole world excluded
as other faces recede
in the background until
only your visage remains
in my range of vision.

Or it expands like a balloon,
barriers between you
and me broken, the walls
separating us from mankind
collapsing like a house
of cards, as we embrace
the universe in the sphere
of our inclusive affection.

-Ralph Semino Galan

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hazel marie said...

good day sir galan..i am hazel marie purganan. an AB English student from MSU-IIT. i'd like to ask what's ur main theme in ur poem "MAID MOUNATINS"? i am the facilitator of our dramatics and stagecraft performers' group and we are task to interpret the poem through a theater play. i am sure u can help us wd this.. we have concepts already but i guess, it would be much expressive if we'll have ur ideas..thnx a lot sir. God bless.